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Bon Basic is a new brand of grocery goods

Available in stores and online offering customers a purchasing experience adapted to today’s modern shopping trends and designed for people who are looking for alternative solutions. The aim is to combine simplicity and quality of local goods, personalize quantity and create customized packaging.

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            Project created by Laura Benhini [fr] Est une marque de produits d’épicerie en boutique et en ligne, proposant aux urbains une expérience d’achat adaptée à un mode de consommation actuel et citoyen, alliant simplicité et qualité de produits locaux, optimisation des quantités et contenants personnalisables.

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     Laura is a very talented Art Director based Paris but working in France and Tel Aviv for clients and projects all over the world.

     Her work has been featured in many different magazines and brands in her portfolio are from small local businesses to international corporations.

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New online shop experience. The brand fits perfectly the brief and genereates a 500% more engagement.

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